Dimensions Width Height Depth Seat height
Product Technical Data 80 cm 108 cm 75 cm 46 cm

Glide System Set the tension of the Stressless® wheels once and adjust your sitting position simply by using your body weight. BalanceAdapt Subtle rocking motion increases the comfort – it’s all about finding the right balance. With BalanceAdapt, the sitting angle automatically adjusts to your body’s tiniest movement. Plus System The headrest automatically adjusts as you recline – supporting your neck while you read, watch TV and rest. You also get ergonimically correct lumbar support in all positions.

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Stressless® Metro Adjustable head rest
Striking design

With its striking design, the Stressless® Metro adapts to the surroundings. Spacious yet forgiving on floor space. The combination of a stylish rotating base, fresh lines and a headrest pillow on the high back model ensure that all your comfort needs are met. It is available as both high and low back, and with adjustable head rest. Choose also between star base or original base.

Our different coverings

Ekornes offers a large range of leather and fabrics, carefully selected according to strict requirements for environment, resistance, look and touch.

Atlantic Blue
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Matte black
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