Glide System
Set the tension of the Stressless wheels once and adjust your sitting position simply by using your body weight.

Plus System
The headrest automatically adjusts as you recline – supporting your neck while you read, watch TV and rest. You also get ergonimically correct lumbar support in all positions.
Please note if you want a different setup please contact our office. 

Dimensions Width Height Depth Seat height
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Stressless® Wave Cinema
Ultimate cinema seating

Inspired by the gentle waves of the ocean – the name gave itself. Stressless® Wave represents true innovation in comfort technology. Individual reclining seats make the seat automatically adjusts to your body’s movement; choose between low and high back – sit down and drift off.

Our different coverings

Ekornes offers a large range of leather and fabrics, carefully selected according to strict requirements for environment, resistance, look and touch.

Crystal Blue
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