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150 x 200 160 x 200 180 x 200 200 x 200
160 x 210 180 x 210 200 x 210

3 cm IntelliGel. Double-spring pocket springs: Tempered 10 cm PluraSone and 7 cm EkoPocket which together make up PluraSone Support. Upholstery: Elastec, polyether and hypoallergenic hollow fibres. Mattress toppers: Choose from 3 different mattress toppers, find your favourite here

SvaneĀ® Zonic IntelliGel Continental
Perfect for giving you guests all the rest they need. With 3 cm IntelliGel.

A superb night lays the foundation for a superb day to follow. Svane® Zonic is perfect for giving you all the rest you need. The entire reclining surface in the main mattress comes with 3 cm IntelliGel in combination with double-sprung pocket springs (PluraSone Support). This allows your body to sink comfortably and correctly into the mattress, giving you better support at the hips while the extra soft springs at the shoulders provide better ergonomics.You can easily change the softness by turning the mattress. DuoSystem gives you two degrees of softness in one and the same mattress. The cover is changeable. 

Coverings Beds

Ekornes offers a small range of fabrics to the hospitality market, carefully selected according to strict requirements for environment, resistance, look and touch.

Mineral Light Grey
Mineral Warm Grey
Moment Artic Green
Moment Chestnut
Moment Ice grey
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